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Intro to Aerial Hoop

Start learning the basics of Aerial Hoop/Lyra with us!


Aerial Hoop Level One

Ready to take your moves to a higher level?


Intro to Aerial Silks

Join us for the basics of Aerial Silks and Fabrics!


Aerial Silks Level One

Pose, fly through the air, and build your strength!


Aerial Silks Level Two

Level 2 is for adv. students ready to push their skills further.


Aerial Yoga

Invert, climb, and stretch with us!


Hip Hop / Twerk

Back it up! Pop, lock, and drop it with NSPF.

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Bend, don't break!

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Liquid Motion Low Flow and Base Work (Pole)

Our Liquid Motion® Low Flow & Basework class will develop your understanding of Low Flow style while enhancing your movement vocabulary.

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Liquid Motion Heels

Our Liquid Motion® Heels class will develop your understanding of Low Flow style while enhancing your movement vocabulary using heels.

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Climbs & Inverts

If you are trying to get your inverts or working on making them stronger, this class is for YOU!

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Conditioning Camp

Conditioning Camp is a full body conditioning workout.

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Splits & Flex

Come build and accomplish your flex goals with this virtual splits and flex class.

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Strength & Sculpt

Looking to level up your strength and endurance game? Let us introduce you to this targeted circuit-style total body workout.

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I Saw it on Instagam!

Let's explore what is trending on social media, what is attainable and what is only 'Instagram easy.'

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Total Core

This class will be focused on strengthening your entire core.

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It's only a stupid question if you don't ask it!

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Do I need any dance background or serious muscle?

No you don’t. You will learn everything you need to know at our classes regarding movement and strength. Start in any of our "all levels" classes on the schedule and slowly work your way up when you and your instructor feel you are ready. Our job is to get you stronger quickly. We will teach you everything you need to know to become stronger and develop all over body fitness.

How does the Waitlist work?

Process: If you’re waitlisted and then moved into the class, you will get an email and/or text letting you know.

Tip: We recommend enabling both in your profile so you don’t miss the notification. You can be notified up to two hours before the class so if you know before then that you can’t make it, be sure to remove your name from the list.

Cancellation Policy: The 12 hour cancellation policy goes into effect once you are moved into the class.  

What is the cancellation / no-show policy?

Timing: We have a twelve-hour cancellation policy.  As long as you cancel at least twelve hours before your scheduled class or waitlist, you will not lose that class.

Process: The class will go back into your account and you will be able to use it for another class. If you know you can not attend class, please cancel your class reservation online so another student can take your spot.

Late cancellations and no shows will result in the loss of the session from your package. No exceptions.

For private parties, private lessons, and workshops we have a 48-hour cancellation policy.

Do you offer on-site classes, or just virtual classes?

We're fully open for business in-studio! AND we have an incredible selection of virtual classes for you to choose from. CLICK HERE to see our classes.

What should I wear?

Absolutely no body lotion, rings, or bracelets for any aerial or pole class.

Pole Classes:
‍1. Short shorts no longer than mid-thigh and a tank top (sports bras are recommended for protection and support).We need to have a lot of skin exposed to make it easier to stick to the pole. Fabric will slide right off the pole giving you no grip and leaving you frustrated.
Aerial Classes
2. For aerial classes, leggings are strongly suggested.
Other Classes
3. No shoes are needed but are optional for pole classes level 1 and up.

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