What our students are saying:

North Shore Pole Fitness summed up is simply AMAZING! Just started classes there and took class from Tiffany, who is such an amazing teacher who really works with everyone no matter what level they are at.

There is a level for everyone and even if you’ve never done pole before this is the perfect place to start in a non intimidating productive environment!

Andrew A.

The love I have for this place extends so far beyond physically taking classes. It's the feeling of relief I feel pulling into the parking lot after a long day. Pushing myself to try something new, or scary, or challenging and actually believing I can do it.

But more than anything, it's the girls who share in my successes, ridiculous laughter, girls nights, and occasional tears. The same ones who believe in me, cheer me on, and are helping me learn to love myself by showing me how much they love me every chance they get. Give it a try! There's no better place to be!

Alyssa M.

Dorian's knowledge/experience and skills made it a safe, sacred space for me and my guests to get our inner pole dancer on. So grateful for Dorian and her experience she showed us techniques for each move and made sure we did it safely.

We all left feeling great, full of energy, feeling sexier than ever, smiles, giggles and we totally want to do it again. Thank you for making it a great day for me.

Cheri M.

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